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DIY Moss Terrarium

Hello, lovely readers! It’s Jacie from Moss Love here – I create ready-made, DIY and wearable terrariums using live moss, air plants and marimo moss balls. I’m excited to help you make your own beautiful moss terrarium!

DIY Moss Terrariums from Jacie of Moss Love Terrariums

One of the best things about these is they don’t need direct sunlight like your typical house plant – so places that normally don’t see any greenery are in luck! Your desk at the office and that corner of your kitchen that doesn’t get sun are in for a makeover. Another bonus: they are super easy to take care of.

How to Make a DIY Moss Terrarium


Moss Love Terrarium DIY Kit - The Perfect Gift for the DIY-er

You will need:

  • a clear glass jar with a lid
  • rinsed and dried gravel or rocks (larger rocks can be used in larger jars)
  • dried sphagnum peat moss
  • peat moss soil
  • live moss (purchased or collected yourself)
  • polished rocks, colored gravel or glass, etc. for surface landscaping
  • a miniature habitant (the possibilities are endless…)


How to Make Beautiful DIY Moss Terrariums for Homemade Gifts for Home Accent Pieces

  1. First note to remember: you are going to want to leave the upper half (or more) of your jar open so your moss gets enough air. You may be tempted to add a lot of rocks (they are a fun layer to see through the glass), but halt! Unless you are working with a tall or large jar, you only need enough rocks for small drops of water to drain into (check my terrariums out for example photos). Gently add them to your jar.
  2. Add sheet moss for filtration – push to flatten. This keeps the soil in place – use just enough so there are no holes for soil to fall through.
  3. Add soil. Build it up on one side if you’d like a hill!
  4. Add your moss – break it into smaller pieces if you’d like to play with mixes of height and texture. Push it lightly onto the soil.
  5. Fill empty spots with polished stones, colored gravel or glass (I like to use blue for “water”), etc.
  6. Add your habitant and watch your little world come to life!


First time only: mist with water until soil starts to dampen (be sure to stop there – you don’t want too much water). Let the water evaporate off the sides of the jar, then add your lid.

After that: Mist lightly every 3 weeks (if dry). Avoid direct sun. Bright indoor light or indirect sun is best. If excess drops build up on glass, remove the lid to evaporate, then replace. It is important that sitting water isn’t left in the terrarium as this can lead to mold. When in doubt, dry it out (hey – that rhymes!).


Moss Love DIY Terrarium Kit - Great Handmade Gift Idea for Kids and DIY-ers

I also offer DIY Kits with all the fixings as well as individual habitants if you want the materials easily in one go. Make one for a friend, or give them a kit to create one themselves!



  • Emily

    January 8, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Okay, I want this as a present! It’s darling. I’d love to have one in my living room, and they would be lovely gifts. Thanks for the inspiration.

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