Blue Cheese and Bacon Arugula Salad Recipe

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Arugula Salad Recipe

This homemade blue cheese and bacon arugula salad recipe is one of my favorites! I can literally eat this salad for lunch every day of the week without tiring of it. It’s basically a spin off a blueberry¬†and bacon arugula salad recipe at one of my favorite restaurants. However, as I am unable to find a blueberry vinaigrette anywhere and am not talented enough in the food department to make my own, I used a raspberry vinaigrette instead.

This recipe is also great with a mix of power greens – and I do eat it both ways depending what’s on sale – but I love the mustard like taste of baby arugula without any other greens or lettuces.

Homemade Blue Cheese and Bacon Arugula Salad Recipe

To create this Blue Cheese and Bacon Arugula Salad Recipe simply fill a bowl with organic baby arugula and top with real bacon bits – preferably you’ve made them yourself – blue cheese, and just enough raspberry vinaigrette to lightly coat all of the arugula. I typically combine the ingredients in a plastic bowl with a lid and shake to coat. Remember less is more when adding the vinaigrette. Depending on the size of your salad you’ll likely only need one to two tablespoons of vinaigrette.

Now that your salad is made, enjoy!

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