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How to Use Shield Essential Oil To Clean and Disinfect Your Home

Similar to Thieves essential oil, Shield essential oil also has uses for home and health. This natural blend of essential oils is made in house using high quality, organic oils and is perfect for cleaning, using topically or diffusing. Discover ways to use shield essential oil blend in your home for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, tackling smelly laundry and to create a germ fighting hand soap for your family.

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Ways to Use Shield Blend Essential Oil

I don’t want to use chemicals for cleaning, but I want to make sure my home is clean. I need to be sure that not only do I clean dirt, but that I also kill bacteria and other microbes living in the air and on surfaces in my home.

My favorite essential oil blend for cleaning is Mountain Rose Herbs Shield blend. It’s similar to Thieves oil, but it’s slightly different. Like Thieves, Shield essential oil has a number of uses. It works great, is USDA certified organic and it costs significantly less than its MLM counterpart.

This essential oil blend has prominent notes of clove with bright hints of citrus and a spicy, herbaceous back. This spiced combination of essential oils features clove, rosemary, and lemon essential oils. It’s often used in cleaning recipes or for aromatherapy to clear the air. It is a strong spicy blend. However, it does have a citrus scent from lemon essential oil that gives it a pleasant fragrance. I love using this essential oil blend for cleaning recipes, diffusing and even for my homemade hand soap. I also love how it makes my house smell clean after I use it. 

Keep reading to learn more ways to use Mountain Rose Herbs Shield essential oil blend in your home. Discover what it is and how it works, along with Shield essential oil uses and safety precautions. You’ll also find more information on the ingredients used to formulate this blend and I share several easy essential oil recipes you can make at home using Shield essential oil.

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Shield Essential Oil Blend Ingredients

Shield is a blend that was crafted by the aromatherapists at Mountain Rose Herbs. Like most of their products, it’s made from organic ingredients. They make the blend in house and in small batches. This product, as with their other essential oils and natural ingredients, always has unsurpassed quality that I’ve come to expect from shopping with this company over the past twenty years.

Although Shield is their blend that’s similar to Thieves Oil, it is not an exact duplicate. Thieves Oil also has clove essential oil, lemon essential oil, cinnamon bark essential oil and rosemary essential oil. However, Shield uses thyme essential oil instead of eucalyptus essential oil.

Here are the ingredients found in shield essential oil blend along with their properties and uses:

  • Clove Essential Oil: Clove essential oil is a powerful natural microbial agent. There have been several studies that show that it can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. In a study, clove essential oil tested better than other oils and vinegar for killing fungus. Further, another study showed that clove essential oil is also effective for killing some bacteria that can cause respiratory infections.
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon essential oil is often used in aromatherapy because it’s uplifting. For cleaning, it’s a natural degreaser. However, it can also kill some kinds of bacteria and other microbes. I like how it balances the medicinal aromas in the Shield blend while offering more germ fighting properties.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil: Rosemary essential oil, like clove, has the ability to kill certain microbes. In fact, it was tested against clove and with clove in a study. When used together, clove and rosemary create a synergy that is more effective than using either one alone.
  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil: Cinnamon bark essential oil is an excellent addition to a natural cleaning blend. In a study, it showed it could kill both gram-positive and -negative bacteria strains, including some antibiotic-resistant strains.
  • Thyme Essential Oil: Thyme essential oil may not smell great, but it is a powerful oil to use in cleaning. A study shows that it has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. It’s especially good for killing germs that can cause an upper respiratory infection.

mountain rose herbs shield blend essential oil

What Blends Well With Shield Essential Oil Blend?

I like to use Shield essential oil blend for cleaning, but sometimes the scent is too strong for my liking. With clove, rosemary and thyme, it’s a strong blend that may smell medicinal to some users. If the scent is too herbal or medicinal for you, you can diffuse it with a citrus oil.

As this essential oil blend already contain lemon essential oil, it’s a good essential oil to add more of to get a lighter scent. You can also use mandarin essential oil or orange essential oil. Or try this citrus essential oil blend.

Shield Essential Oil Safety and Precautions

Shield has strong essential oils in it. Clove essential oil and thyme essential oil are both considered hot essential oils, which means that they can feel warming when you apply them topically. Cinnamon bark can also be irritating to your skin when you use it topically.

For these reasons, it’s recommended that you following these safety precautions when using this essential oil blend:

  • Do not use Shield essential oil blend topically for leave on applications like roller bottles or lotions. However, you can use Shield for wash off products. Always perform a batch test in your forearm before applying topically.
  • Shield essential oil also contains camphor and may sensitize the skin. It can be phototoxic, which means that you are more likely to have a reaction when you are exposed to the sun.
  • Do not use Shield undiluted. Keep it away from mucus membranes and your eyes.
  • Never take Shield internally unless under the direction of a physician.
  • Do not let pets or children near the bottle.

ways to use shield essential oil blend

Shield Essential Oil Blend Uses

There are are a number of ways to use Shield essential oil blend to naturally kill germs. As I mentioned previously, Shield is a strong essential oil blend. Therefore, I only use it topically for wash off products like soap to avoid desensitizing skin or risking a negative reaction. I also use Shield for cleaning, and you can use it in most of my homemade cleaner recipes. Following are my favorite Shield essential oil uses for you to try at home.

disinfecting germ fighting hand soap recipe with essential oils

Shield Hand Soap Recipe

Shield is my favorite essential oil blend for hand soap, especially during cold and flu season. You can make this easy and inexpensive hand soap recipe using this essential oil blend and a liquid Castile soap as a base. It takes just a few minutes to make and is a great solution for natural skin care.


You will need to the following ingredients to make this germ fighting hand soap with essential oils:


To make a germ fighting hand soap using Shield essential oil, simply combine all ingredients in an empty soap bottle. Then shake gently to combine.

Also be sure to try this vinegar free all purpose cleaner using Shield essential oil as well as this DIY all purpose cleaner.

cleaning with essential oils

Glass and Surface Cleaner Recipe

This is a simple glass and surface cleaner that’s easy to make. It’s a good green cleaner for most surfaces as a multi-surface cleaner. However it should not be used on marble or granite.


You will need the following ingredients to make this disinfecting glass and surface cleaner with essential oils:


To make this disinfecting glass and surface cleaner with essential oils, combine the vinegar and Shield essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake gently to combine. Then spray onto surfaces and wipe clean, shaking before each use.

using essential oils in laundry

Shield Laundry Detergent Recipe

If you use unscented laundry detergent, you can add Shield to your store bought or homemade laundry detergent.

To use Shield essential oil for laundry, simply add 1 to 2 drops essential oil to the pre-measured amount of liquid detergent. Then add the detergent to the washer as you normally would.

diffusing essential oils

Shield Diffuser

Since the oils in Shield have antimicrobial properties, you can diffuse this blend to kill germs in the air. Use three to five drops of Shield per 100 mL of water in your essential oil diffuser.

As Shield is a strong blend, I recommend you use three drops to start. You can always add more drops of this blend to your diffuser if needed. In addition, you may also add more lemon, orange or mandarin essential oil to the diffuser to lessen the medicinal scent.

Keep in mind, however, that if you do add another oil to make a blend, only use three to five drops of oils total. I recommend two Shield and one drop of lemon essential oil.

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How to Make Shield Essential Oil Blend

If you’d like to make your own version of this essential oil blend, here are the ingredients you need to make your own Shield essential oil blend:

To create this blend, combine the drops of each essential oils in an amber glass bottle, then shake to mix. To make Thieves essential oil blend, simply substitute the thyme essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil.

If you like these uses for Shield essential oil and are looking for other natural ways to clean your home, you may also enjoy Mountain Rose Herbs Green Cleaning Essential Oil Kit as well as their Citrus Essential Oil Kit. Or explore their other essential oil sample sets. Also be sure to check out these spring cleaning tips.

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