Quick & Easy DIY Eco-Friendly Reuable Swiffer Pad Solution

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Easiest Ever DIY Eco-Friendly Reusable Swiffer Pad Solution

One Good Thing By Jillee recently posted her homemade solution for making the easiest ever DIY Swiffer Sweeper refill pads. Her simple alternative solution for eco-friendly, reusable pads is to use chenille socks.

However, you could easily use the same concept and upcycle a pair of old socks that are stretched out or have acquired a hole. Visit One Good Thing By Jillee here for the skinny on how she does it. Plus discover how to refill those canisters of Swiffer Wet Jet solution as well as how to make your own DIY eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaner to refill it with!

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DIY Paper Mache Mounted Unicorn Head Wall Plaque

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DIY Paper Mache Mounted Unicorn Head Wall Art

Looking for something to DIY this weekend? I’m partial to this DIY Paper Mache Unicorn Head Wall Plaque. Not only is it a great way to upcycle those newspapers, but it’s super cute! And hey, unicorns are also the official animal of Scotland! Learn how to make your own with a step by step photo tutorial at Lil Blue Boo. For more fab DIY project ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

Things I Love Lately – DIY Crafts and Handmade Products I’m Ga Ga For

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I’m still not quite back into my regular routine of things since my vacation. And as I generally spend my weekends crafting and the weekdays blogging after my regular 9 to 5, I haven’t yet had a chance to whip up any new DIY projects or beauty recipes. While that means I’m just one short day away from giving those creative juices some time to run wild, it also means I won’t have any new bath and beauty recipes to share with you until the beginning of next week. But don’t fret. Life happens and as I’ve learned, it is what it is. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this little collection of diy crafts and handmade products that I’m a little ga ga over lately.

DIY Craft Projects I'm In Love with Lately - DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder, DIY Diorama Bookends, and DIY Vintage Book Tablet CoversDIY Craft Projects I Love Lately :: 1. DIY Glitter Dipped Air Plant Holder via 52 Weeks Project / 2. DIY Diorama Bookends via Sea of Shoes / 3. DIY Vintage Book Tablet Covers via Squirrel Junkie

Handmade products via etsy that I'm in love with lately - Creature cups, Hot air balloon gadget case, and totem animalsHandmade Products I Love Lately :: 1.  Creature Cup Set via Creature Cups / 2. Hot Air Balloon Gadget Case via Lazydoll / 3. Custom Baby Animal Totem via HandyMaiden

Unique Fun and Bright Handmade Products to Get Excited About - Moss Wars Terrarium, Stripey Pillow, and Washi Tape Cosmetic Pouch in Neon ColorsMore to Love Crafted By Hand :: 1. Princess Leia and Imperial Trooper Moss Terrarium via Moss Love Terrariums / 2 . Bright Multi-colored Stripey Accent Pillow via Geometric Electric / 3. Washi Tape Stripes Cosmetic Zipper Pouch via Allisa Jacobs

Which one is your favorite?

DIY Washi Tape Storage

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DIY Washi Tape Storage Box Idea for Easily Organizing Your Washi TapeNeed a simple DIY way to organize your washi tape? Upcycle boxes! This adorable and sturdy box from Beauty Army contained my monthly selection of beauty samples. However, once emptied it’s the perfect size for storing rolls of washi tape! You can stack several of these one on top of the other and label the outside of each box with the style of washi tape inside – chevron, argyle, solids, stripes, etc. – if you have a massive collection. (I’m not quite there yet.) How do you store your washi tape?

DIY Washi Tape Jars for Your Homemade Bath and Beauty Recipes

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DIY Washi Tape Jars for Your Homemade Bath and Beauty RecipesLooking for a clever way to store and gift your homemade bath and beauty recipes? Upcycle old jars and give them a personal touch with washi tape. It’s so incredibly easy to do, especially if you have nice amber jars left over from handmade soap and cosmetic products you’ve made. However, this will work on any smooth walled jars, so create a collection for a nice display or a homemade spa gift basket. The jar I made, used to have a sample of a body safe fragrance oil inside!

To make your own jars, simply wrap two to four layers of washi tape around the jar in rows. Start at the top of the jar and work your way day with a strip of washi tape wrapped one below the other. As different washi tapes have differing transparencies, you may need to wrap your strip of washi tape around your jar several times for each row so you can’t see any writing that you may be disguising underneath. Use a strip of washi tape that has labels on it, to write the name of the beauty treatment you plan to store inside. I bough these lovely patterned washi tapes from Cute Tape. I really enjoy the selection and the free shipping for larger orders.

Once you’ve decorated your jar or jars, it’s time to fill them up! This jar is perfect for housing my homemade argan oil infused bath melts and solid sugar scrub cubes as well as tiny guest flower shaped glycerin soaps. You could also fill it with a natural green tea & mint body scrub, peppermint scented bath salts, my natural sore muscle salt scrub, vanilla & patchouli scented bath salts, natural lavender & calendula milk bath, or an organic salt soak.

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