Natural Homemade Yogurt Soap Recipe

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DIY Natural Homemade Yogurt Cold Process Soap Recipe Made with Real Yogurt - Great as a Facial Soap or Body Bar for Sensitive Skin

Looking for a gentle, skin conditioning face and body soap? Then try my all natural homemade yogurt soap recipe. Made using the cold process soapmaking method, this homemade yogurt soap recipe is made from a combination of real Greek yogurt, lavender and chamomile flower powders, and a blend of butters and oils renowned for their moisturizing properties. It’s the perfect treat for winter skin that needs a little extra love. Plus, it’s light fragrance blend of natural essential oils makes it suited for those who tend to have allergies to synthetic or strong fragrances! These also make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers so don’t be afraid of making too much of this must have soap!

DIY Beauty Recipe - Natural Handmade Yogurt and Chamomile Soap Recipe

Homemade Yogurt Soap Recipe with Chamomile

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1.8 oz. argan oil
1.8 oz. shea butter
1.8 oz. cocoa butter
1.8 oz. safflower oil
7.2 oz. 76 degree melt point (refined) coconut oil
10.8 oz. sustainable palm oil
10.8 oz. olive oil (pomace is fine)

4.9 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide
10 fluid ounces distilled water

3 oz. natural plain Greek yogurt
.33 oz. (10 ml) Eden’s Garden Relaxation Synergy Blend Essential Oil
.2 oz. lavender flower powder
.2 oz. chamomile flower powder
chamomile flowers, to suit


To create this homemade yogurt soap recipe you will need to follow your basic cold process soapmaking instructions. This soap recipe yields a 3 lb. batch – or 10-12 bars – and will fit inside one of my DIY wooden loaf soap molds.

Start by lining your mold. Set aside. Then measure out the distilled water in a large pyrex measuring cup or pitcher. Set to the side, then weigh out the lye using a digital kitchen scale and slowly pour into the distilled water.  Stir until the lye is completely dissolved, then set aside to cool in a well ventilated area.

Next weigh out shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil and combine in a large non-aluminum pot. Heat on the stove top over  medium heat until all of the oils have melted, then remove from heat and set aside to cool to about 110-115 degrees.

While the oils and lye-water are cooling, prepare your other ingredients by weighing out the yogurt – I used plain Chobani Greek yogurt – and flower powders.

Once your ingredients have cooled, add the yogurt, flower powders and the bottle of the Relaxation Synergy essential oil blend to the soapmaking oils and use a stick blender to mix thoroughly. (If you don’t want to use the synergy blend, you can sub for 1/3 – 1 oz. of lavender or half that amount of chamomile essential oil. Use more for a stronger fragrance or less for a lighter scent.) Now slowly pour the lye-water into the soapmaking oils and mix with the stick blender until you reach trace.

Once trace is achieved, pour the soap into your mold, top with chamomile flowers (optional), then cover and insulate for 24 hours.

Once the soap has completed the saponification process, you can unmold the soap and cut it into bars. {Learn how to make a soap cutting guide here.} Allow soaps to cure for 3-6 weeks, then wrap as desired with professional plastic food wrap film, Kraft paper, or even fabric, and label. If you’re making these to sell, you’ll need to include the weight of each bar of soap on your label.

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  1. About 15 years ago my mom purchased a bar of oatmeal soap at a market in Canada. I have been searching for a soap like it ever since. Most homemade soaps have that glossy almost transparent look to them but this soap was completely opaque and had a little bit of a rough texture to it. These soaps (especially your Greek yogurt one) looks like that soap. Do you have an oatmeal soap recipe?

  2. I love your soap recipes, especially the banana oatmeal recipe but I would like to reduce the size of the recipe, can you please help me.

  3. mary ann read says:

    Can you make that yogurt soap with the castille ( olive oil) as the base inside of shea butter etc.