Homemade Holiday Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe

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This homemade holiday Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe makes a lovely and thoughtful homemade Christmas gift idea!

This homemade holiday peppermint bath bomb recipe is sure to please and they make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts for anyone who’s a fan of bath and beauty products! Not a fan of peppermint? Substitute with your favorite fragrance or essential oil instead!

This homemade peppermint bath bomb recipe makes lovely homemade Christmas gift for friends, family and teachers!

Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe

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1.8 oz. Epsom salt
11.25 oz. baking soda
3.85 oz. citric acid
2.4 oz. arrowroot powder
.75 oz. shea butter
.5 oz. cocoa butter
.45 oz. sweet almond oil
.6 oz. peppermint fragrance oil (or .3 oz. peppermint essential oil)


Using a digital scale begin by weighing out the dry ingredients in a large glass bowl or 4 cup or larger glass Pyrex measuring cup. Set aside.

In a separate container weigh out the cocoa and shea butters. Heat at reduced power in the microwave or in a double boiler until fully melted. Carefully remove from heat then weigh out the sweet almond oil and fragrance and stir into the melted butters.

Now slowly pour the melted oils and butters into the dry ingredients mixing with a fork until well blended.

You’re now ready to mold your homemade bath bombs! (I used clear plastic bath bomb molds like these. To do this take a large scoop of the mixture and place into one side of the mold. Add more until the bath bomb mixture is piled above the shape. DO NOT press any of the mixture into the mold at this point. Repeat with the other half of the mold. Now press the two sides of the mold firmly together and brush away any excess. (This keeps the two halves together. If you press the mixture into each side before putting it together the two halves will come apart.)

Like this homemade bath bomb recipe? Then also be sure to try my homemade pumpkin bath bomb recipe.

This homemade peppermint bath bomb recipe makes lovely homemade Christmas gift for friends, family and teachers!

Or pair your homemade peppermint bath bombs with my seasonally scented, non-greasy homemade body butter recipe!

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Guest Post: DIY Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash Recipe

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Hello Soap Deli News Readers!

Becca here, from The Dabblist. I blog about recipes, DIY tutorials, life hacks and all around inspiration to create a happy and healthy life.

DIY Natural Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash Recipe

When I figured out that I could make my own mouthwash, I felt so liberated. You mean I don’t have to guzzle down the bottle of bright blue alcoholic liquid every time I want to freshen my breath?

Conventional mouthwash actually contains a good deal of alcohol, which alters the natural pH of the mouth. It can also contain harsh detergents and sugars that your body struggles to process like sorbitol and saccharin. Not to mention synthetic colors, aroma, and flavorings that alter naturally occurring mouth flora. So liberate yourself from the big blue bottle by making your own antibacterial mouthwash at home.

How to Make Homemade Mouth Wash - Natural DIY Peppermint Mouthwash Recipe

Natural Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash Recipe


1/2 c. aloe vera juice

1/4 c. water

1 tsp witch hazel

1 tsp baking soda

10 drops peppermint essential oil


Combine the aloe vera juice, water, and witch hazel in a bottle. Gently add in the baking soda, being careful that a reaction doesn’t overflow. Add in your drops of peppermint essential oil, cover, and shake vigorously. Store in a cool, dark cupboard for up to 2 weeks.

Natural Peppermint Mouthwash Recipe - DIY Beauty and Lifestyle Recipe

Becca is the blogger behind The Dabblist – her manifesto to declare freedom from the taboo of being known as a “dabbler.” She has found that, through sharing our stories and creations with each other and not being afraid to get our hands dirty, we can remember what our great great great grandmothers once knew – that we can be the creators of our own joy.


Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes for Summer Skin

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Peppermint isn’t just for candy canes and winter treats. It’s perfect for summer too! Not only does it offer a lovely cooling effect – I use it in my Natural Sore Muscle Salt Scrub Recipe – but peppermint essential oil also helps to repel those awful biting insects.

You can combine it with a blend of several of these essential oils – Citronella, Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Catnip, and Lavender – along with some witch hazel to make a homemade natural bug repellent. (You can buy trusted organic essential oils here.)

Natural DIY Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe and Other Essential Oils and Skin Care Recipes Perfect for Summer and Keeping Biting Insects at Bay

So naturally I’m happy to recommend this easy all natural recipe via Blah Blah Magazine for crafting your own Homemade Peppermint Foot Scrub. Just combine three simple ingredients – I’d opt for the Epsom salts over the sugar since it never fails that I get bit by swarms of insects in the summer the sweeter I am – and in under five minutes you’re ready to get your feet into tip top shape for those new sandals you’ve been dying to wear. Follow up at night with Cybele’s Handmade Peppermint Foot Cream Recipe followed by a pair of socks overnight and say bye bye to dry, cracked feet.

And just in case you want to cover all of your bases – or rather your body – Blah Blah Magazine (Yes! This is an amazing blog!) also has a recipe for a Homemade Zesty Lime and Coconut Whipped Body Butter and a Homemade Cuticle Oil Recipe scented with a summery blend of lemon and lavender essential oils. (Don’t just reserve that lime essential oil for the bath though. It’s great for making homemade non-toxic cleaning products too!)

Homemade Soap Recipe - Coconut Citrus Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Recipe

For more fun with summer citrus, give these luscious Homemade Citrus Coconut Soaps via Petit Elefant a try. It’s made from a natural, detergent free shea butter soap base, fresh citrus zest, shaved coconut and sweet orange essential oil. Or try an avocado and banana hair mask, lavender hand & foot wash, and pumpkin & papaya facial mask with natural beauty recipes courtesy of Brunch at Saks. Or give our fine feathered friends some love by drying sliced oranges and apples in the oven and crafting a tasty, edible birdhouse with fruits, nuts and seed.

Grow your own lavender or just simply in love with the benefits lavender offers? Visit Live in Art to learn how to craft your own Natural Homemade Lavender Salve from a lavender blossom oil infusion, beeswax, and vitamin E oil. For more fun summer bath and beauty recipes and projects, be sure to follow my DIY Bath and Body Board on Pinterest!


My Memorial Day Weekend

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Scott Watering the GardenScott is watering the garden again today. He’s been faithfully watering the garden by buckets since there’s no hose or outside water faucet on the days the ground gets dry. Luckily we’ve had some good rain so far this spring and it’s supposed to be a rather wet summer since this can get a little tedious and I seem to keep having him add an extra row here and there. Right now we have tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers planted. I also have a row of organic Summer Bibb Lettuce seeds from Cubits planted in the ground and in a large pot along with some Basil and Calendula. Scott still has one more row to sow so I can plant my mix of organic Heirloom carrot seeds from Cubits.

I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday cleaning up both the front and back yards. We rent and this is only the start of our second year here – and our first with any sort of extra income – so we’re just now getting the yard to our liking. I don’t have hedge trimmers yet – I spent money on a weed eater and an a/c unit – so I trimmed trees with my hands and a pair of craft scissors – which was surprisingly effective. I also spent a lot of time pulling up Virginia creeper out of the ground and off the fence. While it looks a lot better, it did send my allergies into overdrive so I’m nursing a sore throat today.

If you’re allergies are giving you fits as well – even with medication like mine – there are some natural home remedies that can help. One of my favorites since I have a variety of herbs planted out front is to drink peppermint tea. The peppermint oil acts as a natural decongestant. Simply add 1/2 ounce of dried organic peppermint leaves to a one quart jar then fill two-thirds of the jar with boiling water. Steep for five minutes, sweeten if desired and enjoy.

And since we’re on the topic of gardens, dirt and mud, I am offering 50% off my new Rose Body & Facial Mud for Memorial Day weekend! Just enter coupon code: FLASHMUD at checkout and receive half off every jar of Rose Body & Facial Mud you purchase from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen through Memorial Day. (Coupon code expires 5/27/13 at 11:59pm EST.)

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. Scott and I will be going out to buy a small charcoal grill today so we can enjoy some grilled bratwurst and burgers purchased on the market this weekend from a local farmer.


DIY Homemade Vanilla Chocolate Mint Extract + Vanilla Sugar

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DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe - Make your own amazing natural chocolate mint and vanilla extract for baking or drink mixes
Two things I have wanted to make for some time were my own vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. Well, I finally got around to it. But since I was wanting to also use some of the my chocolate mint before fall wiped out my crop for the season, I decided to put a twist on the traditional vanilla extract and instead made homemade vanilla and chocolate mint extract!
My Vanilla Mint Extract is super easy to make, though it does take some time before you can actually use it. To make your own Vanilla Mint Extract and Vanilla Sugar you’ll need the following:
  • Glass spice jars with a screw top lid or mason jars – I chose to use spice jars I got for $1 at the local co-op – this also allows these to be used as stocking stuffer gifts, hostess gifts or wedding favors because of the smaller size.
  • Freshly harvested Chocolate Mint and Peppermint Leaves – from my garden
  • Whole vanilla bean – Also from the local co-op which had these for $1 less than Fresh Market. You can also buy certified organic whole vanilla bean from Mountain Rose Herbs if you aren’t able to source it for a reasonable price locally.
  • Vodka – The brand doesn’t matter so much if you’re using the extract for baking, however I plan to use some of mine for mixed drinks as well so I got the good stuff. Generally I prefer Grey Goose Vodka, but my friend Meagan suggested I try Belvedere which is a Polish Vodka. It’s only a dollar cheaper than Grey Goose for a 375mL bottle so I’m assuming its comparable quality. Regardless, the bottle is very pretty.
  • Sugar – raw or refined, it’s up to you.
  • Washi Tape or Ribbon – something pretty to label and decorate your bottles with.
Fresh Chocolate Mint and Peppermint from my garden
You’ll want to start by rinsing your fresh mint in cold water to remove any dirt and debris from the mint leaves you harvested.
Drying mint leaves with eco-friendly handmade napkins
Once you’ve rinsed your mint leaves, pat dry with paper towels. I used eco-friendly, handmade napkins to cut down on waste and to save money. (I also find paper towels to be ridiculously expensive when you’re on a tight budget.)
Whole vanilla bean being placed into spice jars
Next I filled each of my three spice jars with vanilla bean. Since I used smaller containers, I was able to cut my vanilla bean into three equally sized sections – one for each of the three jars I purchased.
Fill jars with fresh chocolate mint and peppermint
Next, I filled two of the jars just over half way up with my fresh chocolate mint and peppermint. These jars will be the extract jars. The third jar does not get mint as I made vanilla sugar with it.
Fill jars with vodka over the vanilla bean and mint to make your own vanilla mint extract
Then, fill the two spice jars with the mint and vanilla bean with vodka. Cap tightly. Fill the remaining jar with only the vanilla bean with sugar and cap. Give each jar a good shake.
DIY Vanilla Mint Extract Recipe and DIY Vanilla Sugar Recipe
Finally, label your jars so you know what’s inside. I used washi tape to label my jars as I think it’s so easy to decorate things with. Not to mention it’s just pretty. I wrapped each jar with washi tape, then used Eco-Cotton tape over the washi tape on which I’d written the contents with a Sharpie marker. Eco-Cotton tape also takes stamps beautifully. I tried that first, but I only had a sage green stamp pad and it didn’t show up as dark as I wanted.
Once you’ve labeled your jars, all that’s left to do is wait. Place your homemade vanilla mint extract and homemade vanilla sugar in the pantry. Shake once a day for a month. Once a month has passed you can conduct a taste test to see if they’re ready. Once the vanilla mint extract is to your liking, strain the extract to remove the mint and vanilla. Use the extract in baking or to compliment mixed drinks. The vanilla sugar makes a tasty topping for baked goods, coffee and teas! Enjoy!