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Handmade Raspberry Lemonade Soap Recipe

How to Make Cold Process Soap - DIY Handmade Raspberry Lemonade Soap RecipeRaspberry Lemonade has long been one of my favorite fragrances. The blend of ripe raspberries, lemon, sugar and vanilla conjures up joy for me. Aside from it smelling delicious, my customers have always enjoyed this fragrance as well so I have tried to make it every summer. This summer, however, I used it in a brand new recipe that I developed via an “oopsie” in which I accidentally used grape seed oil in place of the olive oil. The resulting soap was just as pleasing. Here’s that recipe.

Handmade Raspberry Lemonade Soap Recipe

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4.5 oz. cocoa butter
4.5 oz. shea butter
2 lb. 7 oz. palm kernel flakes
1 lb. 2 oz. sustainable palm oil
1 lb. 6 oz. grape seed oil
1 lb. 6 oz. rice bran oil

36 fluid oz. distilled water
15 oz. lye (sodium hydroxide)

At trace:

6 oz. raspberry lemonade fragrance oil
lavender ultramarine pigment powder, optional


This recipe fills three of my wooden soapmaking molds and will yield 30-36 bars of homemade soap depending on how they are cut.

To make this soap, simply follow my basic cold process soapmaking instructions. At trace, stir in the fragrance oil, then pour half of the soap evenly into the three lined molds. Next, add small amounts of your lavender ultramarine pigment powder to the remaining soap and mix well with your stick (immersion) blender until color desired is achieved and pigment is thoroughly incorporated. Then pour the remaining soap evenly into your molds on top of the uncolored soap you poured previously. Cover and insulate your soaps for twenty-four hours, then unmold and cut into bars. Allow to cure for at least three weeks before using.

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