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Love homemade lip balm? Learn how to make your own homemade lip balm with fifteen fantastic homemade lip balm recipes.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

January 28, 2016

Love lip balm? Learn how to make your own lip balm with fifteen fantastic homemade lip balm recipes perfect for everyday use or gift giving.

Love lip balm? Learn how to make your own lip balm with fifteen fantastic homemade lip balm recipes. These homemade lip balm recipes create wonderful products suitable for gift giving on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion year round for everything from birthday gifts and stocking stuffers to DIY wedding favors.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

1. Homemade Strawberry Lip Balm Recipe –  This homemade strawberry lip balm recipe is quick and easy to make, smells delectable and even adds a touch of pink to your lips! Made using natural ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil, this strawberry lip balm recipe also includes a touch of strawberry flavor oil and an optional pink colorant to give lips a sheer to bold color – you choose!

2. Merlot Tinted Lip Balm Recipe –  This merlot tinted lip balm recipe creates a super moisturizing tinted lip balm for lips that look and feel fabulous! Create your own tinted lip balm in custom colors for your own personal style or give my fun and flattering merlot tinted lip balm recipe a try as is for a beautiful look perfect for parties or everyday wear.

3. Heal and Protect Winter Lip Balm Recipe –  Keep lips looking and feeling great with this heal and protect winter lip balm recipe. Natural ingredients come together to to help keep lips moisturized to protect against chapping while a tiny hint of sheer color lends lips a healthy glow.

4.  Lemon & Ginger Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe –  Give your lip some love with this natural homemade lip balm recipe! It’s lightly scented with natural lemongrass and ginger essential oils and contains an optional bronze mica for just a hint of sheer shimmer.

5.  Natural Tri-Color Homemade Lip Balm Recipe –  What’s more fun than a homemade lip balm recipe that comes in a single container but boasts three fab colors and three fab flavors? Create your own homemade lip balms for Valentine’s Day tinted in red, pink and white shimmer.

6.  Natural Cold Sore Therapy Lip Balm Recipe –  Get rid of cold sores fast with this natural homemade cold sore therapy lip balm recipe. Made with naturally anti-viral neem oil and tea tree oil, this lip balm helps to prevent cold sores if applied at the first sign of a tingle or zaps them practically overnight when applied to affected area several times a day.

7. Homemade Coffee Flavored Lip Balm Recipe – This coffee flavored homemade lip balm recipe makes a great treat for any coffee lover’s lips! Plus it’s made with real coffee making it extra crush worthy.

8. Holiday Red Tinted Lip Balm Recipe –  Looking to make your lips shimmer and shine for Valentine’s Day with all of the love of a natural, moisture intense lip balm? Then try your hand at this easy to create perfect pout red tinted lip balm recipe! The deep red with just a hint of shimmer glides on lips and looks natural while giving lips a bit of color oomph for that perfect smile.

9. Homemade Birthday Cake Lip Balm Recipe –  This deliciously sweet buttercream cupcake scented pink shimmer lip balm is made with moisture rich, all natural shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. Whip up this lip balm for you and your friends to prevent and treat chapped, dry lips while making them look their very best!

10. Vegan Lavender Mint Lip Balm Recipe –  Love your lips? Then give them the very best with this easy to make handmade natural DIY lavender mint lip balm recipe. It’s made with carnauba wax rather than beeswax so it’s vegan, and it’s scented with all natural essential oils.

This naked natural homemade lip gloss recipe adds rich moisture to lips in need!

11. Homemade Moisture Rich Lip Gloss Recipe – This naked natural homemade lip gloss recipe adds rich moisture to lips in need!

12. Chocolate Ginger Agave Lip Butter Recipe –  This homemade lip butter recipe is made with yummy agave syrup and is naturally scented with cocoa absolute and ginger essential oil. Natural alkanet root powder gives lips a beautiful, subtle tint. You will love how kissably soft this lip butter recipe makes your lips feel as well as the lip gloss like shine! Plus it’s so easy to make!

13. Homemade Vegan Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Recipe –  Want to make some of your very own lip balm for those dry winter lips? Try my homemade chocolate mint lip balm recipe for a lip balm rich in moisturizing butters with a fun chocolate mint flavor! Plus there are free printable lip balm labels.

14. Homemade Chamomile Balm Recipe – This simple homemade chamomile balm recipe is simply divine. Made using healing chamomile infused olive oil, this homemade chamomile balm recipe is perfect for hands, feet, body and even lips!

15. Lavender Mint Balm Recipe – If you love the outdoors then you’re  sure to love this nature inspired lavender mint balm recipe. Perfect for hands, body and lips, this homemade lavender mint balm recipe is made from natural lavender and mint infused oil and raw, unfiltered beeswax.

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