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Best Beauty Hacks for Your Skin Care & Beauty Routine

Try these best beauty hacks as part of your skin care routine and daily beauty regimen. These easy beauty tips are a great way to get glowing skin and a beautiful smile using affordable, everyday skin care and beauty products! Discover my best beauty hacks for your skin care and beauty routine. Plus learn how to get the most out of the beauty products you have while saving time and money!

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Best Beauty Hacks for Your Skin Care & Beauty Routine

While making your own bath and beauty products from scratch is tons of fun, it’s not always practical. Sometimes we just don’t have time to plan or shop for ingredients. To help you get the most out of the beauty products you do have, I’ve put together a collection of the best beauty hacks for your skin care & beauty routine.

Try these easy and affordable beauty tips to give your daily beauty regimen an upgrade:

1. Add a few drops (up to 6 drops per ounce) of turmeric essential oil to your vitamin C serum to aid in acne prevention and to help lighten hyperpigmentation. (Or try it in this foaming turmeric face polish recipe!)

2. Plump up dry, dehydrated or maturing skin with a hyaluronic acid serum. Make your own with just 2-ingredients and save SO much money on your anti-aging skin care products. (Saving money is by far one of my favorite beauty hacks! Products seem to cost more as we age!)

3. Use St. Ives Medicated Acne Scrub as a foot scrub. The salicylic acid helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells so you can remove even more calluses when you use your pumice stone on rough heels.

4. Candida out of control? Use a dog ear rinse with salicylic acid daily in a spray bottle to help kill off candida. (This works on dogs too! A little tip I recently got from my vet after my dog had a severe allergic reaction and developed yeast on his back hind legs.)

DIY Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin. Save Money with this best beauty hack.

5. Buying sheet masks can get expensive fast. Make your own sheets masks instead and save money for other things you love. (Can you believe you can make your own custom sheet masks for less than 10¢ each?)

6. Can’t afford a visit to the dentist? Pair Jason’s Powersmile Whitening Paste with an electric toothbrush and your teeth will always look like you’ve just had a cleaning! (This is by far one of my favorite beauty tips! I’ve not had to have tartar removed from my teeth in years!)

7. Want some summer beauty hacks? Use a DIY sea salt spray for tousled beachy waves. Simply mix 4 oz. hot water with 1/2 teaspoon of fine grain sea salt. Then mist onto hair and scrunch. For an easy scented sea salt spray, substitute the water with your favorite herbal hydrosol or rosewater.

8. Use a texturizing finishing spray, like AG Hair Care Tousled Texture Body & Shine Finishing Spray, to add volume to hair and lock in waves for an easy beauty tip.

9. For tousled natural wavy hair that lasts until you shampoo, use Conair’s Fashion Curl. I LOVE mine.

Natural Cold Sore Therapy Lip Balm Recipe: Best Beauty Hack for Getting Rid of Cold Sores Fast

10. Use neem oil to get rid of cold sores fast with this best beauty hack. Simply apply neem oil directly to the affected area a few times a day and watch them disappear almost overnight due to neem oils strong antiviral properties . You can also prevent cold sores from forming if you try this same process at that first sign of a tingle. You can also make your own cold sore therapy lip balm!

11. Neem oil can also be used as a spot treatment for acne. You know those painful red bumps with acne hiding underneath the skin? Neem oil pulls those out and dries them up in no time flat!

12. Hate waiting on your nail polish to dry? Dunk your nails in a bowl of ice water after painting them. This helps the nail polish set quicker and dry faster.

13. Mascara clumping? Add a few drops of eye contact lense solution to smooth out your mascara application.

14. If you’re in a pinch and run out of dry shampoo, pull the arrowroot powder out of your pantry and use it instead. It will help absorb the oil and build volume. Better yet, make your own herbal dry shampoo for next time.

Natural Homemade Scalp Tonic Recipe - Balances and Restores Your Scalp From the Effects of Cream Shampoos and Styling Products - A Toner for Your Scalp!

15. Naturally tackle dandruff and product build up with essential oils. This witch hazel scalp tonic recipe with essential oils works like a toner for your scalp to balance skin, target dandruff and fight itching. Simply spray onto your scalp after shampooing then rinse clean. Or add a few drops each of rosemary, peppermint, tea tree and lavender essential oils (up to 12 drops per ounce) to your regular everyday shampoo.

In a pinch you can also use two tablespoons apple cider mixed with once cup of water to remove build up and fight dandruff. Simply pour onto cleansed hair then follow with your usual conditioner.

16. Make a refreshing facial mist for parched skin without the heaviness of a moisturizer. Fill a spritzer bottle with water and a few strips of julienned cucumber or sprigs of lavender and mint for this easy beauty hack. Then spritz on your face and body when out in the summer heat to keep cool and refreshed.

17. Use honey as an antiseptic. Raw, dark honey is a natural antiseptic that not only heals and hydrates, but also reduces inflammation and inhibits infection. Create a simple face mask with just honey and yogurt and take five minutes out of your long day to let it do its work.

Best natural sugar scrub recipe with murumuru butter for dry skin. This natural homemade sugar scrub can be scented with your choice of natural essential oils blends to fit the season (hello, pumpkin spice!) or to serve as natural remedies to soothe muscle and joint pain. It gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells for smooth, glowing skin that feels moisturized. A great choice for fall or winter skin care, this DIY sugar scrub is suitable for sensitive skin, eczema and even maturing skin. Learn how to make now via the natural holistic skin care recipe at Soap Deli News blog. #essentialoils #sugarscrub #diy

18. Exfoliate tired, rough skin with a body scrub. This quick recipe only requires three ingredients – all of which you  may already have lurking in your pantry! For a one time use salt scrub, combine 5 Tablespoons sea salt, 1 Tablespoon olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix together then slather on to exfoliate and soften skin as well as help with hyperpigmentation. (Be cautious when heading out as lemon juice will increase your sensitivity to sunlight.) Or try one of these other amazing body scrub recipes.

29. Fight breakouts by using apple cider vinegar as an easy, natural beauty hack for acne. The high acid content of apple cider vinegar makes it perfect for fighting acne. Take ten minutes out of your day to steep a handful of clarifying parsley, then mix the cooled infusion in a spray bottle with a splash of vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil.

20. Freeze aloe vera gel for quick sunburn relief. Use an ice cube tray to freeze aloe vera into cubes for instant sunburn relief all summer long. Use cold, caffeinated tea bags – like green tea – to soothe puffy under eye and calm inflammation. Simply apply tea bags to your eye area for about five minutes before putting on makeup.

Natural Eczema Treatment for Real Relief from Eczema & Dry Skin. This natural eczema treatment knocks over-the-counter eczema creams out of the water. Formulated using only natural ingredients that offer relief of inflammation, itching and dryness, my natural eczema relief balm recipe offers real relief for your eczema or dry skin - with or without essential oils. Learn how to make an eczema repair balm recipe now at Soap Deli News for an eczema remedy that really works!

21. Another best beauty hack is to apply an unscented salve or beauty balm to your inner wrists and other pulse points before applying perfume to make the fragrance last longer. You can make your own simple salve recipe by melting 1 part beeswax with 3 parts carrier oil in a double boiler. Then mix the two ingredients together and pour into a tin or small jar. Or try one of the amazing natural fragrance fixatives in the base note(s) of your choice from Wild Veil Perfume. (You can learn more about how to make essential oil perfume here.)

22. Use argan oil to give your hair beautiful shine without making it look greasy. Apply a small amount of argan oil to the palm of your hand. Rub your hand together then massage into hair ends. Finish by smoothing your hands over hair from the roots to the ends.

best beauty hacks diy skin care beauty tips

I hope you love my best beauty hacks and tips for skin and hair care. 

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