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how to make your home smell like fall

Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Plus Other Natural Home Scents

Need a natural home fragrance to invoke the cozy warmth of fall? Explore this collection of fall essential oil diffuser blends along with other natural ways to scent your home this autumn.

how to make your home smell like fall

Fall Diffuser Blends to Naturally Scent Your Home

There’s nothing better when the air cools and the leaves start to fall than the aromatherapy benefits of pumpkin spice. However, let’s not forget apple cider, salted caramel and all the other wonderful autumn aromas that invoke a warm and cozy feeling. If you’re seeking healthy ways to scent your home, then you’re going to love these ideas on how to make your house smell good naturally.

Free from synthetic fragrances, these natural home fragrance ideas provide a multitude of ways to enjoy your favorite fall scents without worry. This post includes a number of fall essential oil blends that can be used either in an essential oil diffuser. Or use these blends to create fragrant autumn wax melts, reed diffuser oil and candles. 

In addition to this collection of fall essential oil diffuser blends, I’ve also rounded up a collection of the best ways to fragrance your home for the season. Keep reading to explore these natural ideas to make your home smell like fall.

What Essential Oils are Good for Fall?

In theory, there are not right or wrong oils to use when creating aroma blends for autumn. However, you will notice a common theme between various recipes. That’s because many of oils used to create fall fragrances contain similar oils meant to invoke feelings of warmth. Others are reminiscent of your favorite fall foods or baked goods. While the remaining scents generally remind us of the great outdoors — falling leaves and woodland adventures.

If you’re looking to make autumn aromas that reflect on the season, then here are some popular oils you’ll want to stock up on.

Warm and Spicy Aromas

Choose these oils for warm, spicy blends: Cassia, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, ginger and nutmeg.

Fall Bakery Scents

For blends like fresh baked apple pie and other dominant flavor profiles for the season, keep these oils on hand: orange or wild orange, mandarin, tangerine, citrus oils and vanilla.

Cozy Woodland Blends

To invoke memories of raking leaves, hayrides and forest hikes, try these notes: arborvitae, copaiba, cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, juniper berry, and sandalwood.

essential oil blends for fall

Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Using an essential oil diffuser is an easy way to fragrance your home for fall using natural ingredients. And, because there’s no flame, it’s a safer alternative than burning candles.

Here are my favorite fall essential oil blends you can recreate to use in your essential oil diffuser for sweater weather.

Autumnal Bouquet Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Chai Tea Latte Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Pumpkin Spice Fall Essential Oil Blend

Pumpkin Pie Spice Variation

  • 3 parts cinnamon bark essential oil / 6 drops cinnamon bark
  • 3 parts ginger root essential oil / 6 drops ginger
  • 3 parts nutmeg essential oil / 6 drops nutmeg
  • 2 parts clove bud essential oil / 4 drops clove bud
  • 1 part orange essential oil / 2 drops orange

 Fresh Baked Gingerbread Essential Oil Blend

Earth & Spice Autumn Essential Oil Blend

Patchouli Lovers Fall Essential Oil Blend

Mulled Cider Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Cozy Relaxation Diffuser Blend

  • 1 part marjoram / 6 drops marjoram
  • 1 part cedarwood / 6 drops cedarwood
  • 1 part lavender / 6 drops lavender

Frankincense Fall Essential Oil Blend

Autumn Colors Essential Oil Blend

Fall Garden Wreath Essential Oil Blend

Fresh Baked Apple Pie Blend

  • 4 parts cinnamon bark essential oil / 8 drops cinnamon bark
  • 2 parts bergamot essential oil / 4 drops bergamot
  • 2 parts grapefruit essential oil / 4 drops grapefruit
  • 2 parts lemongrass essential oil / 4 drops lemongrass

Cozy Flannel Aroma Blend

  • 3 parts bergamot / 6 drops bergamot
  • 2 parts patchouli / 4 drops patchouli
  • 2 parts cedarwood atlas / 4 drops cedarwood atlas
  • 1 part sandalwood / 2 drops sandalwood
  • 1 part cassia / 2 drops cassia
  • 1 part cardamon / 2 drops cardamom
  • 1 part nutmeg / 2 drops nutmeg

NOTE: For fall diffuser recipes only, you may also use cinnamon bark essential oil in place of cinnamon leaf. Keep in mind that cinnamon leaf essential oil is not skin safe. Therefore, it can only be used to scent your home and not for skin care applications.

natural autumn home fragrance ideas

How to Make Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Making a master blend of your favorite fall fragrances is quick and easy. Learn how to adapt the fall essential oil recipes provided above to the size you require. Plus, discover how to mix the oils to create a classic fragrance to scent your home for fall.

Determine the Size of the Master Blend

To make these blends, I’ve provided the DIY recipes in parts. This allows you to easily scale the blends to create as much or as little as you like. In short, one part is equal to one drop. If you double the parts, thereby doubling the drops called for, you are able to double the recipe. 

I’ll use the mulled cider fall essential oil diffuser blend as an example. The recipe translates into the following amount of drops for each essential oil:

  • 4 parts sweet orange essential oil equals 4 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 2 parts cinnamon leaf essential oil equals 2 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 1 part ginger essential oil equals 1 drop ginger essential oil
  • 1 part anise seed essential oil equals 1 drop anise essential oil

To double the recipe, simply double the parts, thereby doubling the amount of drops. For example:

  • 8 parts sweet orange essential oil equals 8 drops orange essential oil
  • 4 parts cinnamon leaf essential oil equals 4 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 2 parts ginger essential oil equals 2 drops ginger essential oil
  • 2 parts anise seed essential oil equals 2 drops anise essential oil

You can also triple this autumn essential oil diffuser blend in the same way, tripling the parts and thereby tripling the drops used to create the blend:

  • 12 parts sweet orange essential oil equals 12 drops essential oil
  • 6 parts cinnamon leaf essential oil equals 6 drops essential oil
  • 3 parts ginger essential oil equals 3 drops essential oil
  • 3 parts anise seed essential oil equals 3 drops essential oil

As illustrated, you can use parts to scale the recipes for these fall essential oil diffuser blends as much as you like. Simply apply the number you want to increase the recipe by to all the parts in the recipe. Therefore, if you want to make six times the amount of a blend, you would multiply each part in the blend by six to determine the amount of drops necessary to create the fragrance for that essential oil blend.

how to make fall essential oil diffuser blends

Mix the Essential Oils

Now that you now how to recreate these fall recipes, you can make master blends of these fall essential oil blends to use in your essential oil diffuser.

  1. To do so, simply add the drops of each essential oil as indicated in the recipe to an amber glass bottle with a reducer cap. These bottles are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of the blend you create.
  2. Once you’ve added the correct amount of each oil for the size and blend you’d like to make, snap on the reducer cap. Then screw on the lid. 
  3. Gently shake the bottle to mix the essential oils.

The fall essential oil blends you created are then ready to be used in an essential oil diffuser.

How to Use Fall Essential Oil Blends in a Diffuser

How to Use Fall Essential Oil Blends in a Diffuser

It’s easy use these fall essential oil diffuser blends. Here is how to use an autumn essential oil blend in a diffuser:

1. To use the essential oil blend you created in a diffuser, first fill the diffuser tank with water. Take care not to go past the marked fill line.

TIP: Use filtered or distilled water in your essential oil diffuser for best results. Tap water contains hard minerals that can build up in the diffuser and inhibit its ability to perform properly.

2. Add the fall essential oil blend to the diffuser. I recommend that you start with three drops of oil for a 100 mL diffuser. Then add up to 8 drops depending on the strength of the desired fragrance.

3. Turn the essential oil diffuser on. Then enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of pumpkin spice in your favorite room or throughout your home.

4. Be sure to turn your diffuser off after a maximum of 30-minutes. Generally 15 to 20 minutes will suffice to saturate the room with a fragrant autumn scent.

5. After using your essential oil diffuser, it will eventually need to be cleaned. I recommend that you clean your diffuser after every 5th or 6th use. However, you will also want to clean your essential oil diffuser when switching between scents.

If you don’t own a diffuser, but would like to purchase one, you can find a great selection of essential oil diffusers at Mountain Rose Herbs. Not only do they carry traditional diffusers that hold water, but they also offer wall outlet diffusers, tea light diffusers, pendant diffusers, car diffusers and waterless essential oil diffusers.

In addition to using these autumn inspired scent blends in a diffuser, you can also use these fall essential oil blends to make soap. However, for this application, you will need to follow safety tips to ensure an adequate dilution rate. This tips are covered in post on how to make fall essential oil soaps here. Or learn how to make essential oil perfumes with these blends to create your own seasonal DIY perfumes for autumn.

fall essential oil blend recipes

How to Store Essential Oils Blends You Make at Home

Storing the essential oils blends you create for fall is just as easy as buying pre-made blends. I recommend that you store your diffuser blends in a dark amber or cobalt blue bottle to keep out light. Keep the bottle of oil closed tightly to prevent exposure to oxygen which cause the volatile oils to evaporate.

Also, be sure to store any autumn essential oil diffuser blends you make out of direct sunlight. I recommend that you keep the diffuser blends in a dark cabinet in a cool location where it won’t be directly exposed to heat.

Properly stored, these fall essential oil blends should last up to 3 years as most spice essential oils have a long shelf life.

fall essential oil diffuser blends

Are Fall Essential Blends Safe to Use Around Pets

Many essential oils are toxic to pets. Some oils aren’t safe to be diffused around pets at all. While others are toxic if consumed. Therefore, it is important that you research each of the oils you choose for your fall essential oil blends to determine whether or not they are pet safe. If they aren’t pet safe, then you should find another alternative.

That said, many of the spice oils used to create fall essential oil blends, such as pumpkin spice essential oil, are hazardous to pets.

Clove essential oil and cinnamon essential oil, for example, are known toxins to both dogs and cats. Skin exposure or ingestion can result in poisoning. While other oils, such as eucalyptus shouldn’t be diffused where pets reside. These essential oils are especially harmful to vulnerable dogs such as puppies or dogs with liver disease. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using any of these types of products in areas where pets may reside. 

Where to Buy Essential Oils

Whether you’re making a pumpkin spice essential oil blend or another fall favorite scent blend, you need to start with quality essential oils for the best results. As not all companies sell every single oil available, I tend to shop from several sources. This is especially the case when looking for specialty oils, absolutes and steam-distilled essential oils.

Here are my favorite tried and true companies where you can buy pure essential oils to make a pumpkin spice essential oil blend:

  • Mountain Rose Herbs: This is the first company I used to buy essential oils and absolutes. They have a wide selection of products, many of which are certified organic. I love that I can buy both essential oil singles and blends from this company in a variety of sizes to suit my needs. Moreover, I love this company’s dedication to sustainability and their fair treatment of those they employ.
  • Simply Earth: Simply Earth is great for beginners. However, you are limited to essential oils in 10 mL bottles. In addition to their individual oils, you can also subscribe to their monthly essential oil kit to learn more ways to use essential oils for home, health and beauty. Each month you receive a new selection of essential oils in addition to recipes you can make. Your first box includes a lot of awesome freebies to help get you started on your journey. And, a portion of the proceeds from every sale benefits a different charity each month. They also provide an essential oil course, called the Hero Course, to help you get started. In addition to the learning materials, you also receive essential oils, carrier oils, additional ingredients for creating essential oil recipes, containers and a diffuser.
  • Plant Therapy: Another great place to buy essential oils online, Plant Therapy sells a lot of products that I can’t find elsewhere. They have a great selection of steam-distilled essential oils as well which are a wonderful option when you don’t want oils that are phototoxic. Similar to Simply Earth, this company offers an oil of the month club. This club provides a 25% discount on the essential oil you receive each month in addition to free shipping.

natural ways to scent your home for fall

More Ways to Use Essential Oils to Naturally Scent Your Home for Fall

In addition to using fall essential oil diffuser blends to scent your home for fall, there are other ways to infuse your living spaces with a fragrant autumn scent. Here are other great ways to use these fall essential oil diffuser blends to create a natural home fragrance.

  • Fall potpourri is a wonderful way to scent your home. Plus, it doubles as home decor! Create your own autumn potpourri with dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and other botanicals, herbs and spices for a beautifully fragrant blend. Then add your favorite fall essential oil blend to boost the scent. Set the potpourri in a container in your home for a light, natural home fragrance. Or combine potpourri with essential oils for an aromatic simmering potpourri for the stove top.
  • Pick your favorite, skin safe fall essential oil blend to make homemade massage candles. These pumpkin spice candles are a wonderful way to naturally scent your home for fall. Plus, as these DIY candles are made using a blend of soy wax and shea butter, they can also be massaged onto skin after they’ve melted (and the flame has been blown out) to moisturize and scent skin.
  • Rather than using these fall essential oil diffuser blends in your essential oil diffuser, use them to create an autumn scented room spray. This pumpkin spice room spray is formulated with a pumpkin spice essential oil. However, you can also swap this oil for another of your choice.
  • Craft an easy DIY reed diffuser and then make your own reed diffuser oil. Simply combine the fall essential oil blends you formulate with vodka and water to scent your home for autumn. Learn how here.

aromatic fall air freshener

  • Use your favorite aromatic fall blend to create DIY gel air fresheners, like these pumpkin spice air fresheners from A Life Adjacent.
  • Repurpose your silicone soap molds to create clay diffusers shaped like autumn leaves or other fun fall shapes. You can paint the front side of these for decorations. While scented oils are added to the backside to diffuse the blend of your choice.
  • Rather than sticking to traditional candles, why not try making a fall candle bowl. This project from Life-n-Reflection smells as delightful as it is pretty!
  • Make easy wax melts without beeswax using a fall essential oil blend in lieu of the fragrance oil to deliver a warm and cozy autumn fragrance throughout your home. Or use them to create DIY soy wax melts.
  • Slice and dry oranges or other citrus fruits. Then infuse them with your favorite autumn aroma. The dried orange slices can then be used to make decorative and fragrant fall wreaths. Or include them in homemade potpourri blends. 

natural home fragrance ideas for autumn

For more ways to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of pumpkin spice, along with your other favorite autumn blends, check out this post. Or explore more uses for pumpkin spice essential oil and your other favorite fall blends here.

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