Bath and Body Recipes to Make and Sell This Spring and Summer

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These homemade bath and body recipes to make and sell are perfect for selling online or at farmer's markets this spring and summer for extra cash!

Bath and Body Recipes To Make and Sell

Build your spring and summer line for your online shop or business with these fantastic homemade bath and body recipes to make and sell! They’re perfect for selling through your online shop, like Etsy, or at your local farmer’s market!

1. Easy Cream Eyeshadow Recipe – This easy cream eyeshadow recipe requires just three ingredients! However, the result is a beautiful and highly pigmented cream eyeshadow that glides on smooth and provides lasting results. It’s also great for blending.

2. Exfoliating Spring Gardener’s Soap – This exfoliating spring gardeners cold process soap recipe naturally exfoliates with poppy seeds and walnut shell powder to help remove tough dirt and grime.

3. Simple Homemade Skin Care Recipes – Natural skin care care products don’t have to be hard to make or contain a lot of ingredients. If you’re looking to get started in making your own simple homemade skin care recipes but don’t have a lot of money to invest up front, just want to try something new or are looking for starter recipes that you can customize later, these skin care recipes are perfect! Presented are three simple homemade skin recipes for creating your own natural salve, homemade body butter and exfoliating sugar scrub.

4. Pink Salt & Sal Butter Soap Recipe – This homemade pink salt and sal butter soap recipe contains a high percentage of skin conditioning sal butter and mineral rich pink Himalayan salt that aids in detoxing, healing and nourishing skin. Scent with a lemon verbena fragrance oil for a bright seasonal fragrance!

5. Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe – This traditional solid sugar scrub cubes recipe is not only easy to make, but it’s ready the same day making it a perfect option for a next day farmer’s market. Made using all natural ingredients this solid sugar scrub cubes recipe is great for crafting year round to give as homemade gifts for everything from birthdays to Mother’s day! And the easy no hassle recipe is also easy to customize with your favorite essential oil or essential oil blends and a carrier oil that suits your skin care needs.

6. Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe – This foaming salt scrub recipe is super easy to make and can be customized with your favorite scent! Just melt, pour and mix ingredients for a foaming salt scrub that gently exfoliates as it lathers and cleanses like soap!

Build your spring and summer line for your online shop or business with these fantastic homemade bath and body recipes that you can make and sell! They're perfect for selling through your online shop, like Etsy, or at your local farmer’s market!

7. DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap – These super cute handmade goldfish in a bag soaps are great as gifts for kids as well as for DIY party favors.

8. DIY Melt & Pour Loofah Soap – These homemade loofah soaps are simple to craft which makes them a quick and easy project you make the night before a big event! I made mine in about a half hour and scented them with a White Tea & Ginger fragrance oil.

9. Natural Creamy Lemon and Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub Recipe – I crafted this particular natural sugar scrub with spring in mind – thus the fresh lemon fragrance and poppy seeds. The addition of shea butter makes this scrub extra creamy rather than oily or drippy which is one of my pet peeves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

10. Natural Hair Mask Recipe – Summer can really do a number on your hair. Whether you’re fighting off the frizz from high humidity, need to combat the damage from sun or the drying effects of pool chlorine, this homemade natural hair mask recipe will rejuvenate your tresses in no time with it’s combination of certified organic oils and shea butter.

11. Lemon & Poppy Seed Soap Recipe – This simple homemade nut free soap recipe contains zero nut oils so even those with nut allergies can enjoy this classically scented lemon poppyseed soap. While coconut oil traditionally boosts lather in homemade cold process soap recipes, this nut free soap recipe instead uses palm kernel flakes which has similar lather boosting properties. In addition it also incorporates less costly ingredients for those who are soaping on a budget.

12. Natural Exfoliating Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe – This all natural homemade foot scrub recipe isn’t a mess of slippery oils, but rather a creamy combination of natural shea and cocoa butters and non-greasy argan and sweet almond oils. Fine ground pumice and walnut shell powder lend their supercharged exfoliating properties, while sea salt and tea tree oil lend their healing qualities. Plus there’s a touch of peppermint for a fresh, cool scent to refresh feet and keep them in tip top shape all season long!

For even more homemade bath and body recipes to make and sell, be sure to check out my other post with 36 rockstar bath and beauty products to make and sell here that I posted over winter.

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