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A collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad!

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad! These DIY Father's Day gift ideas include homemade soap recipes, men's cologne, Star Wars soap, mandles, six pack of treats and more.

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner so I thought I’d share my collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad! These DIY Father’s Day gift ideas include men’s cologne, homemade soaps – my fave is the Star Wars soap! – man candles, a six pack of Dad’s favorite snack treats and more. While some of these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas need to be made well ahead of time, other projects can be made and gifted the same day.

1. DIY Star Wars Soap –  Learn how to make your own DIY Star Wars inspired soaps with this DIY Star Wars melt and pour soap tutorial that creates fun Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter shaped soaps soaring through the galaxy!

2. Leather Mandle DIY –  Learn how to make this leather scented mandle DIY for Dad as a Father’s day gift! This leather mandle DIY is quick and easy and can be made and gifted in the same afternoon

3. Patchouli & Fir Hand Cream Recipe –  This richly moisturizing homemade hand cream recipe is naturally scented with patchouli and fir needle essential oils and contains skin conditioning safflower and evening primrose oils plus a touch of agave syrup!

4. Seriously Sexy Handmilled Soap Recipe –  Need a DIY Father’s Day gift idea for Dad? These scented homemade soap rounds are sure to help dad unwind in the shower!

5. Homemade Whiskey & Tobacco Caramel Soap Recipe –  This handmilled whiskey soap recipe – made with real whiskey! – is quite simple to create and is ready almost immediately making it a wonderful DIY Father’s day gift idea.

6. DIY Six Pack of Treats for Dad –  If you’re looking for a homemade Father’s Day gift idea that the kids can make, this if the project for you. My son made this fun candy and treat filled six pack for Father’s Day complete with a chalkboard carrier for writing his own custom message!

A collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad!

7. Homemade Fir & Lavender Soap Recipe –  This lightly scented Homemade Fir & Lavender Cold Process Soap Recipe is created using a fresh smelling blend of natural lavender and fir essential oils. It’s the perfect unisex soap for both men and women alike with no overpowering fragrances and also contains skin nourishing illipe butter – a fun alternative to cocoa butter.

8.  DIY Mustache Wax and Beard Oil –  These natural recipes for making mustache wax and beard oil are a snap to make and give you a finished product in under a half hour! Make both as a DIY Father’s day gift set for Dad.

9. Handmilled Coffee & Bourbon Vanilla Soap Recipe –  This homemade soap recipe is made by rebatching or handmilling unscented cold process soap and then adding additional ingredients to give its skin conditioning properties a boost. In lieu of using water in this handmilled soap recipe, I chose instead to use a strong brewed espresso coffee and then combined it with a bourbon vanilla fragrance oil making it a wonderful scent choice for Dad!

10. Cedarwood & Baking Soda Soap Recipe – This homemade soap recipe is great for Dads who work in kitchens or other places where odor can become an issue.  This soap naturally washes away the smell of food and other odors you pick up in the service industry with odor zapping baking soda.

A collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad! Last minute DIY Father's Day gift ideas too!

11. Homemade Bacon Soap Recipe –  This homemade bacon soap recipe is the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift for Dad’s who love bacon! Made using real bacon (rendered) fat, this homemade bacon soap recipe yields nine hard, extra conditioning homemade soap bars perfect for the shower! So there are plenty to go around to all of your bacon loving friends.

12. Chamomile & Neroli Beer Soap Recipe – Use Dad’s favorite beer for this fun homemade soap recipe that uses real beer as an ingredient for a unique DIY Father’s Day gift idea.

13. DIY Face Cream for Men –  This homemade face lotion recipe is a great gift for Dad. It’s ever so lightly scented with a masculine fragrance, can easily be crafted in under five minutes, and is formulated to be gentle enough for faces and sensitive skin.

14. Game On Soap Recipe for Men –  Make a splash with this handmade Game On Cold Process Soap Recipe for Men! This masculine scented homemade soap recipe is a woodsy blend of oak, sandalwood and musk and features shimmering mica waves created from a handmade rubber stamp. Baking soda and arrowroot powder are added to help kick the stink after a hard work out at the gym while bentonite clay helps get rid of sweat and excess oil leaving behind clean, clear skin.

15. Madagascar Black Pepper Soap Recipe –  Created using both cold process soap and melt & pour glycerin soap, these homemade black pepper soaps are scented with a Madagascar black pepper fragrance oil. The top and bottom layers are made from a cold process black pepper soap recipe that contains flecks of ground black pepper while the center layer is made from a translucent soap base and contains organic whole black peppercorns.

16. Electric Guitar Orange Candied Soap Recipe – This fun candied orange scented soap is stamped with an electric bass guitar! But you can choose your own design that fits Dad’s interests.

17. Men’s Ferocious & Fantastic Soap Recipe – This fantastic soap recipe is formulated just for men and comes with free printable soap labels.

A collection of 20 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make and gift this Father’s Day for Dad! Last minute DIY Father's Day gift ideas too!

18. Natural Mountain Man Homemade Detox Soap Recipe – This homemade detox soap recipe for the men is a wonderful gift choice for Dad on Father’s Day! Made with natural French green clay which nourishes skin with minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium, the clay in this homemade soap also help to removes impurities within skin and even shrink pores. There’s also a strip of activated charcoal which is believed to detoxify skin and naturally absorb odors as well as free printable soap labels.

19. Roll On Cologne for Men – This easy roll on men’s cologne makes a great gift for dads who love fragrances and it comes with printable labels for your final product.

20. DIY Skully Shot Glass Candle –  Make this DIY shot glass candle for Dad and he can re-use it as an actual shot glass once the candle is gone.

For even more DIY Father’s Day gift ideas and gift inspiration for Dad be sure to also visit and follow my Father’s Day Gift Ideas Board on Pinterest here. It’s filled with DIY Father’s Day gift ideas you can make as well as handmade Father’s Day gift ideas you can buy.

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