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clary sage essential oil for hair

How to Use Clary Sage for Hair: Plus Natural Hair Care Recipes

Learn how to use clary sage for hair. Discover the benefits of clary sage essential oil as well as how to make three easy clary sage recipes for hair care. Plus explore making hair care products with my collection of other natural hair care recipes for homemade hair masks, hot oil treatments, homemade shampoo and conditioners, a hair lightening spray, hair detangler and more. 

hair care recipes with clary sage

Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits

Clary sage essential oil isn’t usually in people’s top 10 must have essential oils, but it should be. It has several uses for both aromatherapy and topical application for your hair and skin.

Aromatherapy Benefits

In aromatherapy, clary sage is often used for women’s hormone regulation as one of the best essential oils for menopause and hot flashes. This is because it promotes clarity and relaxation while reducing anxiety and irritability.

Skin Care Benefits

Clary sage essential oil is also often used in skin care for most skin types. It feels cooling on the skin, and it can naturally reduce inflammation and balance oil production to prevent acne. It’s high in antioxidants which help to reduce free radicals. Likewise, it also tightens and tones the skin, making it great choice for many skin care recipes.

Clary sage essential oil benefits for hair

Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits for Hair

Then, of course, you can also use clary sage essential oil for hair care. Clary sage benefits for hair include stimulating hair growth for thicker and stronger hair. It can also help reduce flaking and itching from dandruff and dry skin on your scalp. Since it’s naturally antimicrobial, it can reduce bacteria and other microbes that live on your scalp that can clog pores and cause an itchy scalp. Therefore, clary sage can promote hair growth as a natural remedy for thinning hair.

For these reasons, clary sage is one of my favorite oils.

Learn more about clary sage essential oil benefits for hair as well as how to use it in three easy natural hair care recipes.

clary sage essential oil for hair

Can I Use Clary Sage Essential Oil for Hair?

Yes, you can use clary sage essential oil for hair Its benefits for natural hair care are numerous! In fact, it’s one of my favorite essential oils for both hair health and scalp health. Clary sage contains several compounds that are antimicrobial. These compounds can help reduce bacteria, fungus and other microbes that live on the scalp. If left untreated, these microbes can cause itching and flakes.

Antioxidants are another one of the clary sage benefits for hair. Antioxidants work to reduce free radicals in the body to reduce cellular damage and signs of aging. For your scalp and hair, these antioxidants help tone and tighten the skin on your scalp. This can make your hair stronger and encourage new hair growth to reduce hair loss.

If you have oily hair, clary sage can balance oil production. With continued use, you’ll notice that your body naturally produces less oil for better looking hair.

Is Clary Sage Good for Hair Growth?

Yes, clary sage is good for hair growth. Clary sage for hair can balance oil production on your scalp. This helps reduce oily scalp and oily hair. These clary sage benefits for hair can also help promote stronger hair to prevent breakage and promote hair growth.

how to use clary sage for hair

How Do You Use Clary Sage Oil for Hair?

There are many ways to use clary sage oil for oil. To enjoy the benefits of clary sage as part of your natural hair care routine, simply apply diluted clary sage essential oil topically onto your hair.

You can use clary sage essential oil topically for your hair care routine by including it in a hot oil treatment, a hair mask or a hair rinse. I’ll share those recipes below so you can start reaping the hair care benefits of clary sage right away.

However, here are some other easy ideas for using clary sage essential oil:

For a daily shampoo, I like the Rooted Beauty Hydrate and Nourish Shampoo for Dry and Dull Hair. It’s a natural shampoo that has clary sage essential oil benefits for hair and other botanical ingredients that are high in antioxidants and vitamins for your hair. It also has a matching conditioner, and you can save money when you buy the set together. (Buy yours from Grove and choose a free gift when you order!)

hair care recipes

While the addition of clary sage to your daily shampoo or conditioner promotes hair health, I don’t recommend just adding clary sage to your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Adding extra ingredients can break the emulsion, which can make the oil and water separate. Commercial formulas are made with a preservative since they contain water. Adding extra ingredients may upset the preservative balance, leading to bacteria, mold or fungus growth. Yuck! Instead, learn how to make homemade shampoo and conditioner with essential oils customized for your hair type using specialty bases formulated for this purpose.

You can also use clary sage essential oil in these hair care recipes for a detangling spray recipe or this sea salt shampoo bar recipe. All you need to do is swap out the essential oil called for in these natural hair care recipes with clary sage essential oil.

Three Easy Clary Sage Hair Care Recipes

Following are three easy hair recipes you make using clary sage essential oil as an ingredient.

clary sage hair oil recipe hot oil hair treatment

Clary Sage Hot Oil Treatment

Perhaps the easiest way to experience clary sage benefits for hair is with a hot oil treatment. It’s a simple recipe, and you only need two ingredients: a carrier oil and clary sage essential oil. You can use your choice of carrier oils for your hair. I recommend using castor oil, avocado oil, argan oil or grapeseed oil. All of these oils are moisturizing and help promote hair and scalp health.


Hot Oil Treatment Directions

Here is how to make a clary sage hot oil treatment:

  1. Simply combine the castor oil or the carrier oil of your choice and clary sage essential oil in a small glass cup or bowl.
  2. Set the bowl with the oil in a bowl of hot water. This gently heats the hot oil treatment without creating hot spots that can burn your skin.

How to Use a Clary Sage Hot Oil Treatment

Here is how to use a hot oil treatment with clary sage essential oil:

When the oil is warm, apply it to your hair and massage it into your scalp. Use a wide toothed comb to distribute it all over your hair. Then cover your hair with a shower cap to trap the heat in.

Tip: You can then wet a towel with warm water and wrap it around your head or use a heated shower cap. Using heat is optional, but it helps open the cuticle so the clary sage hot oil treatment can penetrate deeper into the shaft of the hair.

Let the oil sit for 20 minutes. Then wash with a gentle shampoo and condition as usual. You can use a clary sage hot oil treatment once a week.

apple cider vinegar hair rinse recipe with clary sage essential oil for hair care

Clary Sage Hair Rinse Recipe with Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple cider vinegar hair rinse recipe is easy to make. It may not smell the best with apple cider vinegar, but this type of rinse can help reduce frizziness and make your hair shine. This rinse also helps reduce product buildup for better looking hair. Use 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for dry hair or 4 tablespoons for oily hair in this clary sage hair rinse recipe.


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Directions

Here is how to make an apple cider vinegar rinse for hair:

  1. Combine the water, apple cider vinegar and clary sage essential oil in a squirt bottle. You can also use a cup, but a squirt bottle is easier to use.
  2. Shake to mix.

How to Use a Clary Sage Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Here is how to use a clary sage apple cider vinegar hair rinse:

After you wash and condition your hair, squirt or pour the hair rinse over your hair. You can catch it in a bowl and reapply two or three times to ensure that you get it in all of your hair.

Do not rinse this out. The vinegar scent will disappear in a few minutes. Be very careful not to get this in your eyes since it will sting with the apple cider vinegar and essential oils.

Alternately, you can halve this recipe and put it in a spray bottle. Spray on damp hair after washing and conditioning. Store it in the fridge since it doesn’t not have a preservative.

clary sage hair mask recipe with essential oils for hair care

Clary Sage Hair Mask Recipe

Use a clary sage hair mask recipe to deep condition your hair and promote hair growth. Use this moisturizing hair mask on dry hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before washing. The coconut oil is a heavy oil, but the shea butter does not leave your hair oils and balances the heavy coconut oil.


How to Make a Moisturizing Hair Mask

Here’s how to make this natural hair mask recipe to moisturize dry hair:

  1. Melt the coconut oil and shea butter in the microwave in 30 second bursts. Stir between each interval. It should be melted in about 40 to 60 seconds, so watch it carefully after the first 30 seconds.
  2. When it’s melted, let it cool for a few minutes.
  3. Add the clary sage and stir well for a minute.
  4. Place it in the fridge to let it harden.

How to Use a Hair Mask to Moisturize Hair

To use this clary sage hair mask, apply to dry hair and let sit for at least 20 minutes. Then wash and condition hair as usual.

I hope these clary sage for hair recipes inspire you to make your own natural hair treatments stronger and healthier hair.

natural hair care recipes diy hair care

More Natural Hair Care Recipes

For more DIY ways to care for your hair, try making hair care products with these other natural hair care recipes:

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